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ADVANCE GROUP LINK MANPOWER SERVICES INC. (AGLMSI) Maintains a database for major categories:

We provide services for the selection, recruitment and deployment of Skilled, Semi-skilled, Non-skilled and Professional Filipino workers for various industry sectors abroad namely: Construction ( Vertical and Horizontal) ; Industrial (Gas and Oil;) Manufacturing; Information and Communications Technology (IT) ; Various Services provider such as  Video and Photography Services, Security Services; Cleaning Services ; Homecare (Care giving); Household workers,   Trade; Sales and Marketing, Medical and Allied  Health Services;  Supermarkets; Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants), and Academic Institutions (Schools and Universities). We  help companies and establishments reach their maximum potential by assisting them in filling their vacant positions with the most qualified and dedicated Filipino workers, who can work and be at par with the standards abroad. Qualifications are based on education, skills, experience, and most of all, their attitude towards work.

Selection process is rigid and client driven. Client are assure of the competence, good work, ethics, behavioral maturity, English language proficiency, and adaptation to multi-cultural environment of its candidates.

ADVANCE GROUP LINK MANPOWER SERVICES INC. (AGLMSI) has developed an integrated recruitment information software program to serve its clients’ needs. It utilizes technology for its business processes. We have available facilities for online testing, job interviews and other technological amenities.

With solid reputation in the Philippines, AGLMSI enjoys a good reputation as an overseas employment provider and is a major player in the recruitment industry.

Managed by qualified, corteous, experienced staff and experienced executives, AGLMSI handles the demanding requirements of its clients promptly and professionally.


To give you a clear picture of our recruitment and deployment procedure, our first step is to require our employers to send us their manpower requirements together with the job description of the positions, then we will start with our search for suitable applicants from our database and network. We will handle the screening, shortlisting and preliminary interview of the applicants then provide you with their CV’s along for your review and evaluation . We will welcome your participation in the final interview and selection process or any of your duly appointed representatives and you may interview our applicants through skype, zoom, whats app or viber to ascertain their competency towards the position that they are applying for.

To suffice your manpower requirement your company needs to fill up and submit a job order documents (JO) at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)/Philippine embassy / Consulate located in your country for their verification and attestation.

The composition of job order (JO) documents are the following:

1.       Copy of employers passport   -
2.       Copy of Commercial Registration or Business License  
3.       Standard Employment Contract                                                                                              
4.       Special Power of Attorney                                                                                                       
5.       Demand or Manpower Request        
6.       Recruitment Agreement
7.       Location and sketch of your business office
8.       Contingency Plan
9.       Our POEA License
10.     Undertaking
Documents 1 to 10 need to be Authenticated by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) / Philippine Embassy /consulate located in your country. Once attested, you will send to us through courier all the original copy of the job order for our subsequent submission to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) here in our country for the approval of the JO accreditation. Your company will be accredited with our agency, so that we can process for the documents of the workers that you are going to select from us. We have ready forms for this which we can send to you for your ready reference.



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